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At HOM, we help you determine and then execute a unique, personal home loan strategy that makes sense for you and your family… not simply for today and this particular home but for decades to come. Here is how we do that…

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People run to their goal
Step One
Looking for a home

We take the time to listen and learn about you and your family so we can better understand your financial situation and long-term goals before we prescribe a mortgage strategy.

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We analyze your home loan options and other financial goals and present you with a Total Cost Analysis – a digital and easy-to-understand breakdown of your mortgage options.

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Step Two
Step Three
Building puzzle

We create a sound home loan experience for you. If you are in a highly competitive market, we will position you to close your loan as quickly as possible. If you need more time to prepare, we will continue to advise you on your financial situation until you are ready to buy or refinance your home.

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Your life and the real estate market where you live can change rapidly. Even after you are in your new home, we will continue to manage your mortgage and help you maximize your real estate wealth. The closing of your next loan is just the start of our relationship.

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