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About Us

A little about how we began and where we are going.

Home Ownership Mortgage.

Just imagine a mortgage broker that, unlike all other banks and mortgage companies that simply want to “sell you” into a huge debt – instead focuses on helping clients get out of debt over time and show you how to leverage your real estate to maximize your wealth!

We believe you can become a “successful homeowner” and execute a plan to maximize your wealth and minimize your monthly expenses. We believe this makes for better neighbors and helps build stronger communities for us all.

We created Home Ownership Mortgage and its logo as a symbolic commitment to our relationship with you. Your HÔM is where your heart is. We want to help you protect it! We believe that when you close on your latest home loan, it is at that point where our relationship and guidance actually begins, not ends.

As your financial picture and your family situations evolve and change, we will be that constant guide you can count on. We aspire to become the most valuable team and resource in your life when it comes to real estate, finance and debt management.

Ultimately, our success as a company is not measured by how many loans we do, but by how successful YOUR FAMILY becomes over time. Our joy is in helping families achieve the American Dream of home ownership, real estate investment and generational wealth.

We look forward to being your guide.

Why HÔM –

…It’s simple… We work for YOU!
Local, independent mortgage brokers are the absolute best option for borrowers to obtain a loan and the consumer is clearly taking notice. HÔM – Home Ownership Mortgage makes that process easier and more transparent than ever!

More importantly, when you choose to work with a local mortgage broker, you’re supporting a local small business. You’re not helping some big CEO spend millions on a Super Bowl Ad, buy their third vacation home or order another yacht… YOU are helping local little kids get dance or music lessons and a team jersey… you’re helping the local family’s Moms and Dads put food on the table!

The HÔM Mortgage Broker is YOUR advocate. We act as a liaison between the borrower and the banks or mortgage lenders. We fight hard to find our borrowers the ideal home loan solution… Unlike banks, your HÔM mortgage brokers are not compensated until we successfully help you close your home loan. It is in our best interest to find you the best wholesale rates possible… or we don’t get paid!

Plus, most consumers and borrowers don’t know that we get paid by the wholesale investor and we earn the same compensation regardless of the loan product or the interest rate! Our responsibility is to find you the ideal loan program for your family’s unique situation and at the most competitive rate possible!

…The Dirty Little Secret? Unlike the big banks and mortgage companies with their massive offices and huge overhead… spending millions on television and online ads and marketing, we rely on local referrals and word of mouth for our business and keeping our overhead at a small fraction of those big institutions, allows us to pass all that savings on to you! Banks and big mortgage companies don’t work that way! The higher the rate they can “sell you” …the more money they make! Borrower Beware!

Flexible & Competitive

Unlike the cold-impersonal big bank and online lender, we make each opportunity to serve as personal and unique as YOU are! We help you architect the ideal home loan in concert with a mortgage & debt management plan and an overall wealth strategy. We work for the borrower, not the bank. As an independent mortgage broker, we have the ability to offer many more programs and wholesale rates and fees from multiple lenders and banks across the country and pass that onto the families we serve. Banks and mortgage companies offer limited programs and higher fees. We instead, shop for you… often finding wholesale lenders, banks, investors and hedge-funds with better options the general consumer doesn’t even know exists!

Local & Independent

As an independent mortgage broker, we are in full control of how we run our business. Because we are local and a part of your community, we are able to establish strong relationships with our clients and the families we serve. As the borrower’s advocate, we become a trusted partner in the home-buying and refinancing experience.


HÔM Mortgage brokers incorporate the latest in digital home loan technology, privacy and data-security for its staff and borrowers. Speed and agility is key to offering superior service and safety in todays’ real estate and mortgage industries.

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